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"When it comes right down to it-- very few rabbis deeply affect another person's life. Karen is one of the few. She is the best one-on-one rabbi I have ever known. She's a rabbi's rabbi.

--Rabbi Steven Z. Leder, Senior Rabbi, Wilshire Boulevard Temple, Los Angeles, California

"I am so appreciative of your humor, grace and wisdom. I hope you realize how positively you have guided me and so many of our colleagues."

-- Rabbi Denise Eger, President, Central Conference of American Rabbis.

"You have always had enormous insight into and deep understanding of people and institutions. You never stop visualizing or imagining what you can offer. You never stopped learning, so that you could continue teaching. Your compass always pointed you towards creating community and committing to work that you found meaningful. You became a rabbi when there were virtually no women in the field. You helped change the rabbinate; now you will share your wisdom with the next generations."

-- Rabbi Jacqueline Koch Ellenson, Director Emerita, Women's Rabbinic Network

"Rabbi Fox approaches her work with a sense of calm and caring especially unique in our hectic world. Her words of Torah are inspiring and her leadership, especially in paving the way for women clergy, compels me to pursue a profession as a clergy member myself. She has a rare ability to listen with an open heart and mind and this quality is felt by all who know her."

-- Emma Maier, Student, Wilshire Boulevard Temple, Brandeis University,  2023 Cantorial ordination HUC JIR

"I wanted to say one final good-bye but I was overwhelmed. So I dropped you a quick note to personally say thank you for everything you have done for me and my learning and growth. Your candor, your compassion and your humor have propelled me. And now, I move forward...until our paths cross again."

--Gersh L. Student and Mentee

"You did an excellent job of leading our group of rabbis through some painful moments and memories. It's been especially nice to get to know others in our Wise Aging cohort."

-Rabbi Mindy Portnoy, Rabbi Emerita, Temple Sinai, Washington, DC

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