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Opening the Conversation

Rabbi Karen Fox welcomes cultural, ethical and spiritual questions into the consultation and counseling relationship. Karen provides a compassionate and confidential place to be heard, reflect and resolve issues. Because of her training and real life experience, Karen is uniquely qualified to address Clergy -Cantors, Ministers, Rabbis-concerns.    Clergy often find it difficult to find a person to accompany and guide them in their professional transitions, career reviews, ethics concerns, spiritual issues and personal life choices. But Karen can be there for you!

Rabbi Karen Fox is well known as an insightful consultant in Pastoral concerns for  Clergy (Cantors, Ministers and Rabbis) , a  caring Marriage and Family Psychotherapist (CA LMFT 32114) and an experienced Pulpit Rabbi. She is a "Rabbis' Rabbi".     "People come to me when facing challenging transitions and wondering how to strategically move through their own " Egypt ". My clients achieve  a contextual understanding of issues and specific tools to find new opportunity."


Raise Awareness,

Collaboratively Search for Options and

Uplift Clients 


See each person in God's Image

Explore truth that is Painful yet Powerful

Imagine that Change is Possible


Candid yet Compassionate

Feedback in Los Angeles and 


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