Rabbi Karen Fox: In Context

Counseling and Consultation 

Opening the Conversation

Rabbi Karen Fox: In Context is a private practice,  targeted to those who want to bring cultural, ethical and spiritual questions into counseling.  Karen provides a safe, compassionate and confidential place to be heard, reflect and strategize. She is uniquely qualified to address Clergy (Cantors, Ministers, Rabbis) professional and personal transitions, career reviews, ethics concerns  and spiritual issues. Rabbi Karen Fox is known as a insightful and caring Marriage and Family psychotherapist ( CA LMFT 32114), an innovative educator in Pastoral Counseling for Rabbinic Students and experienced Pulpit Rabbi. "People come to me when moving through challenging transitions and when wondering how to move through their own "Egypt".  My clients achieve a sense of strength and resilience, a contextual and personal understanding and specific tools to find new light and opportunity."


Providing individual, couples, family  and team counseling and consulting 


Encouraging candor, 

compassion and competence


Empowering others to change, plan, strategize and support